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Sales Tracking Solution: Streamline and Optimize Your Sales with our Comprehensive Sales Tracking Solution

Introduction to Sales Tracking

Unleash the Power of Data-driven Sales

Unlock the full potential of your sales efforts with our comprehensive Sales Tracking solution, a vital component of our Unified-IOP platform. Centralize all sales opportunities from various channels and custom data sources into one or multiple sales pipelines, providing a holistic view of your sales landscape.

Sales Tracking

Omnichannel Sales

Sales opportunities from various channels into a single location

Virtual Sales Bots

AI-powered assistants or chatbots to automate sales processes

Conversational AI

Engage and interact with your customers like never before

Sales Dashboards

A holistic view of all sales opportunities

Customizable Funnels

Design sales funnels that reflect your unique sales process

Automated Reminders

To prospects, clients, and agents at crucial stages of the sales cycle

AI-powered Assignments

Assign sales opportunities to the most suitable agents

Salesforce Management

Enable collaboration among teams and users within sales pipelines

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Enabling companies to succeed

Effective sales tracking is essential for business success. Our Sales Tracking solution empowers businesses by providing them with comprehensive tools and capabilities to streamline their sales processes, enhance customer engagement, and maximize revenue generation. By centralizing all sales opportunities from various channels, businesses gain a holistic view of their sales pipeline, enabling them to make informed decisions and prioritize their efforts effectively.

Omnichannel Sales

Our sales tracking solution allows businesses to consolidate sales opportunities from various channels, such as website inquiries, marketplaces, emails, and social media interactions, into a single location. This centralization simplifies the management of sales leads and ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Omnichannel Sales Tracking
Omnichannel Chatbots / Sales Tracking

Virtual Sales Bots

Our AI-powered virtual sales assistants and chatbots automate sales processes and provide personalized assistance to customers. Intelligent assistants can handle common inquiries, offer product recommendations, and guide customers through the sales journey. By deploying virtual sales assistants, businesses can enhance customer experiences, improve response times, and increase sales efficiency.

Sales Dashboards

We provide your salesforce with comprehensive dashboards that offer a holistic view of their sales opportunities. Agents can monitor the status of each opportunity, track progress, and make informed decisions to prioritize their efforts. Our dashboards provide real-time insights, enabling agents to take timely actions and maximize sales effectiveness.

Sales Dashboard / Sales Tracking / Insights
Sales Pipllines / Sales Tracking

Sales Pipelines

Businesses can organize their sales activities into distinct pipelines based on departments, products, channels, or client types. This allows for better organization and management of sales processes, ensuring that opportunities are properly tracked and progress through the appropriate stages. 

Customizable Funnels

Design and customize sales funnels to align with your unique sales processes. From capturing initial interest to closing deals, you can define the stages and actions that prospects go through. We ensure that sales funnels reflects the specific needs and requirements of your business, facilitating efficient and effective sales management.

Sales Funnels / Sales Tracking
Reminders & Alerts / Sales Tracking

Automated Reminders

Automate messaging and reminders at crucial stages of the sales cycle. Automated messages can be sent to prospects, clients, and sales agents to provide timely information, nurture relationships, and prompt actions. Automated communications help businesses stay connected, keep prospects engaged, and drive sales momentum.

AI-powered Assignments

Our solution leverages AI algorithms to assign sales opportunities to the most suitable agents. By considering factors such as sales type, volume, customer interaction history, and agent expertise, the system intelligently distributes opportunities for optimal allocation. 

Omnichannel Routing / Sales Tracking / Customer Service
Salesforce Management / Sales Tracking

Salesforce Management

Enable seamless collaboration among teams and users within sales pipelines. With customizable access rights and permissions, you ensure that the right teams have access to relevant information. Sales workforce management facilitates effective coordination, enhances teamwork, and optimizes resource utilization, ultimately driving sales success.

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