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User Content and Conduct Policy

Qalqul Engine (“Qalqul Engine,” “we,” “us,” “our”) provides a platform enabling Subscribers and their End-Users to freely communicate and share content. While most interactions are productive, some misuse may occur. To address this, we’ve developed the Qalqul Engine User Content and Conduct Policy (“Policy”) to make it clear that certain activities are prohibited. The Policy is part of the Qalqul Engine Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”), outlining restricted behaviors and content on our Services. This Policy applies to all Subscribers, Agents, and End-Users using our Services. Qalqul Engine reserves the right, under its sole discretion, to immediately suspend or terminate an account for violating this Policy.

Spam or Unwanted Contact

Our Services must not be used for spam, unauthorized commercial content, mass solicitation, or unsolicited messages. If spam-related activity is detected, Qalqul Engine may investigate, contact Subscribers to cease unintentional spamming, or suspend/terminate Accounts at our discretion.

Illegal and Fraudulent Activities

Using our Services for dangerous, illegal, or fraudulent activities, or promoting such activities, is prohibited. This includes supporting pyramid schemes or recording communications without consent. Qalqul Engine may suspend or terminate Accounts suspected of fraudulent or illegal use, including violating privacy rights, infringing intellectual property, or unauthorized data collection.

Malicious Products and Activities

Transmitting viruses, malware, or harmful code through our Services is prohibited. This encompasses sending harmful content or automated traffic that damages Qalqul Engine’s or any third party’s networks or infrastructure. It also includes using automated systems (“bots”) that generate excessive requests, impacting security, availability, or stability.

Hateful Activities

Our Services may not be used for hate speech, advocating violence, distributing graphic violence or obscene content, or supporting hateful, racist, libelous, or discriminatory activities. Organizations promoting hate, violence, or inciting hatred or violence are also prohibited. Organizations hosting user-generated content (“UGC”) must implement effective moderation policies against violence or hate speech.

Subdomain Squatting and Account Hijacking

Creating Accounts using names or trade names of other entities is prohibited. Unauthorized access to Accounts or using Services for phishing is also banned.

Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Sharing content exploiting or abusing children, including child sexual abuse imagery or content presenting children in a sexual manner, is prohibited. Qalqul Engine will remove such content, report to authorities, and terminate Accounts. Suspicious content can be reported as per the process outlined above. Additionally, content promoting or discussing human trafficking is not allowed.

Sexually Explicit Content

Distributing content containing nudity, graphic sex acts, or explicit material is not permitted.

Harassment and Bullying

The Services may not be used for abusive, harassing, or bullying behavior, including when contacting Qalqul Engine for customer support. This prohibition also includes a prohibition on illegal dissemination of private information or media using the Services.

Anti Islamic Campaigns and Content

The Services may not be used to publish or distribute anti-Islamic messages. Including texts, pictures, and videos that damage the religion, discredit the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him or can be considered blasphemous.

Deceptive Behavior

The Services may not be used to deceive individuals or impersonate other individuals or organizations. This prohibition includes but is not limited to falsely implying any sponsorship or association with Qalqul Engine or the Qalqul Engine Group, creating a false or forged identity, email address, header, or phone number or otherwise attempting to mislead others as to the identity of the originator of a communication.

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