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Run your operations with superhero-like capabilities

It’s like having a superhero platform with limitless abilities! With the power to transform regular employees into super employees. To make your customers happier and grow your market share.

Our Valued Customers

We are very happy to work with the best companies in Morocco.  They trust us, and we make sure they achieve their goals.

Atlanta Sanada / Unified-Iop / CX Services
Hertz / Unified-Iop / CX Services
Nation Sportive / Unified-Iop / CX Services
Iwaco / Unified-Iop / CX Services
Elite Logo / Unified-Iop / CX Services

Change the way you interact with your customers

Streamline your digital communication channels and gain a single view of your customers. Revolutionize their experience with the power of AI and automation. Centralise all your data and make the transformation to the new digital era.

Centralize Your Communication

Stay on top of all your digital conversations and get organized with a single platform. Never miss a conversation again and keep everything in one place.

Single View of Customers

Having a comprehensive view of all your customers in one place, will help your teams to understand what each customer needs to create personalized experiences.

AI Powered Efficiency

Use smart AI technology to get more done, in less time, and with better results. It's like having superhero employees doing better work without getting tired.

Customer Experience (CX)

Make customers happier with a platform that allows personal interactions using all the different ways to talk with people online. No matter what kind of business you have, make it awesome!

Streamline Workflows

Effortlessly streamline workflows and save valuable resources with our intuitive automation builder. Boost productivity and enhance operational efficiency.

Insights and Analytics

Instant access to real-time insights from a single data source. Make better-informed decisions and optimise your customer-focused activities.

World's first Unified-IOP platform

Qalqul Engine is designed to streamline and optimize business operations, with a focus on delivering better customer experiences. We’ve combined advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, and analytics to help organizations manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Centralizing your communicaton channels

Connecting your custom data sources

We can custom connect to your existing ecommerce systems, website, email providers, mobile application, or any other data source.

Deploying Conversational AI and automating processes

Various AI powered features such as chatbots, virtual assistants, voicebots , and intelligent routing rules. Custom workflows and automations for customer experience operations. Setting up triggers, actions and conditions.

Transform your operations with Unified-IOP

A platform that offers a superior approach to managing the massive influx of data across a multitude of modern channels while meeting the increasingly demanding expectations of customers.

Contact Center

Streamline customer communication by centralizing inquiries from various channels.

Social Engagement

Publish and engage with customers seamlessly across multiple channels.

Mass Marketing

Reach wider audiences and increase brand awareness through multiple channels.

Sales Tracking

Tracking and managing leads, improve conversion rates and boost sales.

Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service, manage inquiries, issues, and support requests.


Valuable data insights and reports. Make informed decisions to drive growth.

Customer Success Stories
How Unified-IOP made the difference

Discover their stories and learn how Unified-IOP has revolutionized their customer experiences, streamlined operations, and propelled their businesses to new heights.

Run Your Operations with Superpowers!

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