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Social Engagement Solution: Maximize Engagement and Amplify Your Brand’s Reach

Introduction to Social Engagement

Empower Your Social Presence

Unlock the full potential of social media with our unified solutions. Engage, connect, and delight your audience across platforms. Boost brand visibility, drive customer loyalty, and achieve social success with our innovative features and advanced technology.

Social Engagement Qalqul Engine Unified Iop

Omnichannel Planning

Coordinate impactful social media campaigns across channels

Automated Publishing

Schedule and automate social media posts effortlessly

Unified Social Panels

Monitor real-time engagement in customized dashboards

Engagement Control

Foster meaningful interactions with your audience

AI Content Generator

Create captivating social media content with AI

AI Engagement

Optimize social media engagement with AI intelligence

Social Customer Service

Provide exceptional support through social media

Social Sales Tracking

Measure social media's impact on sales

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Enabling companies to succeed

Our innovative solutions empower businesses to unlock the full potential of social media, enabling them to effectively engage, connect, and delight their audience across multiple platforms. With our advanced technology and comprehensive features, we provide the tools necessary to boost brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, and achieve social success.

Omnichannel Planning

Coordinate and execute impactful social media campaigns seamlessly across multiple channels with our omnichannel planning feature. Streamline your post creation process by creating publications for all your channels from one place. Maintain a consistent brand presence, expand your reach, and engage a wider audience effortlessly.

Social Media Calendar / Social Engagement
Social Media Publisher Automation / Social Engagement

Automated Publishing

Efficiently streamline your social media efforts with our automated publishing and publication validation features. Seamlessly schedule and publish posts across multiple platforms, saving valuable time and ensuring consistent content delivery. Let our system handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on strategic planning and maintaining a strong online presence.

Unified Social Panels

Gain valuable real-time visbility into all your social media pages with our powerful unified social panels. Monitor and analyze engagement, comments, mentions, and more from multiple platforms, all conveniently displayed in personalized dashboards. Stay informed and responsive, effortlessly managing every interaction with your brand across social media channels.

Social Media Panels / Social Engagement
Social Engagement

Social Engagement Control

Foster meaningful interactions with your audience through our engagement control feature. Effectively manage and respond to social media interactions, building connections and brand loyalty. From automated inquiries handling to initiating conversations, this tool empowers you to create valuable relationships with your followers.

AI content Generator

Boost your social media presence with our AI content generator. Create captivating and relevant content effortlessly using artificial intelligence. Leverage machine learning algorithms to generate engaging posts that resonate with your audience, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your content.

AI content Generator / Social Engagement
AI Engagement Manager / Social Engagement

AI Engagement

Maximize social media engagement with AI intelligence. Automatically respond to public comments in your brand’s style, thanks to our advanced algorithms. Enhance the effectiveness of your social media presence, regardless of volume, leveraging powerful AI features. Optimize engagement and unlock the full potential of your brand on social platforms.

Social Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer support through social media channels with our social customer service feature. Engage with your customers in real-time, provide timely assistance, and resolve issues efficiently. Strengthen customer relationships and foster loyalty by offering personalized and responsive support on social media platforms.

Social Media Support / Social Engagement
Sales Tracking Social Engagement

Social Sales Tracking

Measure the impact of your social media efforts on sales with our social sales tracking feature. Track conversions, leads, and revenue generated from your social media campaigns. Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your strategies, optimize your approach, and drive tangible results for your business.

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